Tour Dates



04.04.15 Mission Creek Festival, Iowa City (IA): w/ Diamond Rugs, New Madrid
02.21.15 Gas Lamp, Des Moines (IA): w/ Peas and Carrot, The New Bodies
02.13.15 Octopus, Cedar Falls (IA): w/ John June Year, Teen Daad
01.17.15 Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St Paul (MN): w/ LOTT, Foxmo, Clementine
01.16.15 Frank’s Power Plant, Milwaukee (WI): w/ Mock Launch, American Monroe
01.15.15 Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago (IL): w/ Midwest, The Boxers, Exit Ghost
01.15.15 Daytrotter Session, Rock Island (IL)
01.10.15 Record Bar, Kansas City (MO): w/ Merit Badge, Drew Black and Dirty Electric
01.09.15 O’Leaver’s Pub, Omaha (NE): w/ Mitch Gettman, Foxholes, Clear the Day
01.08.15 Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines (IA): w/ Love Songs For Lonely Monsters, Foxholes
11.30.14 Parlor City, Cedar Rapids (IA): w/ Dylan Sires & Neighbors
11.18.14 IPR’s Studio One, Cedar Falls (IA)
11.08.14 The Washington, Burlington (IA): w/ Crystal City
11.07.14 Octopus, Cedar Falls (IA): w/ American Youth, K-Bombs
11.06.14 Blue Moose Taphouse, Iowa City (IA): w/ Teen Daad, American Youth
11.02.14 Mahoney’s Irish Pub, Cedar Rapids (IA): w/ Crystal City
10.25.14 Octopus, Cedar Falls (IA): w/ Foxholes, Peas and Carrot
10.15.14 Gabe’s, Iowa City (IA): w/ The Men From Beyond, The Boxers
09.25.14 Yacht Club, Iowa City (IA): w/ Flash in a Pan, Soul Phlegm, Def Kitty Blinddog
09.23.14 Gabe’s, Iowa City (IA): w/ Heavy Glow, Milk Duct Tape
08.30.14 Sounds of Iowa Festival, Wapello (IA): w/ Holy White Hounds, Handlebar, Saw the Seahorse
08.18.14 DG’s Taphouse, Ames (IA): w/ Dr. Murdock, The Midwestern Charm
08.17.14 Eronel, Dubuque (IA): w/ The Midwestern Charm, Multiple Cat
08.16.14 Mr. Roberts, Madison (WI): w/ The Fiendish Phantoms
08.15.14 Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee (WI): w/ American Monroe
08.14.14 White Tavern, Naperville (IL): w/ Vanessa Antonino, Dana DeStefano & Dollparts
08.13.14 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines (IA): w/ The Midwestern Charm, Dylan Boyle, Dr. Murdock
07.31.14 Music In the Park, Coralville (IA)
07.24.14 Blue Moose, Iowa City (IA): w/ TJ Wilt, Soul Phlegm, Dylan Jakobsen
07.11.14 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/ The Ashe Brothers, MIDWEST
06.26.14 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines (IA): w/ New Bodies, Crystal City
06.18.14 Living Room Tour, Iowa City (IA): w/ Orion Walsh
06.15.14 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines (IA): w/ Chambers
06.14.14 The Washington, Burlington (IA): w/ The Infinity Kids, Cardboard Kingdoms, Foxholes
06.13.14 Octopus Lounge, Cedar Falls (IA): w/ Cardboard Kingdoms, Foxholes
06.12.14 Public Space One, Iowa City (IA): w/ Dylan Sires & Neighbors
05.24.14 The Busted Lift, Dubuque (IA): w/ Bailiff
05.22.14 Yacht Club, Iowa CIty (IA): w/ Soul Phlegm, Evan Stock Band
05.17.14 JD’s Pub, Marshalltown (IA): w/ Jordan and the Nomads, Crystal City
05.03.14 College Hill Music Festival-The Library, Cedar Falls (IA): w/Aaron McNally, Peas and Carrot, The Tinder Box, Comfort Kings, Free Range Medicine
04.19.14 The Mutiny, Chicago (IL): w/Radar, Atom Poets, Red Light Compliance
03.29.14 The Washington, Burlington (IA): w/Item 9 and the Mad Hatters
03.25.14 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/Purling Hiss, Teen Daad
03.05.14 Gabe’s, Iowa City (IA): w/Clairaudients, Valaska
03.01.14 220East, Waterloo (IA): w/Dylan Sires & Neighbors
02.21.14 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines (IA): w/Diamonds For Eyes, The New Bodies
01.24.14 The Washington, Burlington (IA): w/In Rooms
01.18.14 Yacht Club, Iowa City (IA): w/Jon Eric, Soul Phlegm, Item 9 & the Mad Hatters, 5 in a Hand
11.08.13 Spicoli’s, Waterloo (IA): w/Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men, Twins, & Dead Writer
11.02.13 The Washington, Burlington (IA): w/Har-di-Har
10.25.13 Bono’s Pub, Naperville (IL): w/Valaska, Radar, & Vanessa Antonio
09.21.13 Lampost Theater, Cedar Falls (IA): w/Cardboard Kingdoms, Grinning Match, & Josh Colpitts
09.20.13 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/Har-di-Har & Sour Boy, Bitter Girl
08.14.13 Gabes, Iowa City (IA): w/Dylan Sires and Neighbors & The Gallery
07.25.13 The Hub, Cedar Falls (IA): w/American Youth & Cardboard Kingdoms
07.24.13 The Nomad, Minneapolis (MN): w/American Youth & Clementine
02.22.13 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines (IA): w/Dylan Sires and Neighbors, TWINS, & Gloom Balloon
02.08.13 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/Surf Zombies
11.17.12 Spicoli’s, Waterloo (IA): w/Austin Taft Soundtrack
11.16.12 The Wild Tymes, St. Paul (MN): w/Cooker John, The She She’s, & The Blue Ribbon Bandits
11.08.12 The Hub, Cedar Falls (IA): w/Brad Meyers, John June Year, & Topher Dunlap
11.08.12 Iowa Public Radio – Studio One, Cedar Falls (IA)
10.17.12 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/Heligoats & Krill
08.24.12 Spicoli’s, Waterloo (IA): w/Dylan Sires and Neighbors, TWINS, & Lover Speed
08.09.12 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/The White Elephant & Dylan Sires and Neighbors
07.27.12 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/White Denim
07.13.12 The Space, Cedar Falls (IA): w/Dylan Sires and Neighbors
06.23.12 The Blue Moose, Iowa City (IA): w/The White Elephant
06.21.12 Yacht Club, Iowa City (IA): The Sapwoods CD release show! w/American Youth & Kodiak Flats
06.14.12 University of Iowa Hospital – “Outside” Rooftop Concert Series
05.23.13 Uptown Bills, Iowa City (IA): Bob Dylan Birthday Fest
04.27.12 Yacht Club, Iowa City (IA): w/King of the Tramps & Young Funk
04.18.12 Uptown Bills, Iowa City (IA): w/Musical Charis & Orion Walsh
04.12.12 University of Iowa Hospital – “Inside” Rooftop Concert Series
03.29.12 Little Bohemia, Cedar Rapids (IA)
01.27.12 The Mill, Iowa City (IA): w/Knubby & The Gabriel Hounds
01.14.12 The Blue Moose, Iowa City (IA): w/The Gabriel Hounds & Surf Zombies