The Sapwoods are a Midwestern Rock and Roll band hailing from Iowa City. The music they make has a strong focus on song-writing, energetic drumming, catchy melodies, jangly to nasty fuzzed out guitars, punchy organ and wiggly keys, classic pop inflections, vocal harmonies, and an unparalleled fearlessness to float from one style to another all the while maintaining the sound and integrity that the band makes collectively.

Justin Swafford – Guitar, Vocals
David Suchan – Guitar
Miranda Peyton – Keys, Vocals, Guitar
Derrick Cook – Drums
Brian Speer – Bass

The Sapwoods Biography

The formation of The Sapwoods started as a project for singer songwriter Justin Swafford and guitarist David Suchan in the summer of 2011. Suchan and Swafford had known each other since college and in fact it was Suchan who taught Swafford how to play his first chords on guitar. While the two intentionally set out to be an acoustic duo they stayed open to the idea of adding a full line-up. During roughly the same time Swafford began playing with drummer Joe Paulsen with the loose idea of forming a cover band, but they mostly ended up jamming in Swafford’s basement never playing a show. Paulsen was thrown in the mix with Swafford and Suchan, and by November the band added Tyler Johnson on bass to complete their lineup. The band self-released its debut album “Electric Glow” on May 22nd, 2012.

Paulson and Johnson left the band to follow their professional work careers during the winter of 2013 – From May 2013 the line-up included Justin Swafford (vocals, guitar), Delayne Stallman (drums), Andrew Droogsma (bass), and David Suchan (guitar).

In October (2013) the band lost Delayne Stallman due to pursuing his professional career and Andrew Droogsma left to pursue his own band Cardboard Kingdoms. Temporarily the band became a 3-piece; with Swafford (vocal/guitar), Derrick Cook (drums), and Suchan (Bass). By the winter of 2013 the band also added Brian Speer on bass guitar, Miranda Peyton as a keyboardist, vocalist, guitarist and Suchan resumed his role as the bands lead guitarist.